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Quantitative research is conducted on large samples,and the collected data are processed using statistical techniques of analysis.

The report based on the results of quantitative research usually contains data presented in the form of charts and tables.

The main strength of quantitative research is the ability to conclude on the attitudes or behavior of the population of interest based on a carefully selected sample of the population.


Tablet Assisted Personal Interviewing (TAPI) is conducted on the field, whereby the respondent may be in direct contact with an interviewer, but also does not have to. This type of research is considered to be very productive, as there is a possibility that the collected data will be immediately sent to the database after completion of the survey.


By telephone interviewing (CATI) the interviewer records the responses of respondents using a computer. In order to increase productivity and cost-effectiveness, the essential part is CATI software, which greatly facilitates the work of interviewers and later the administration of the questionnaire.



Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) is done by completing the online survey, which is usually filled out by the respondent himself.In this case, the interviewer often plays the role of an assistant.




Paper and Pen Interviewing (PAPI) is a traditional method of interviewing, in which the respondent fills up a questionnaire in paper form.  PAPI is conducted on the field, but it represents an outdated method, compared to the substantially practical CAPI and CAWI survey methods.



Panel Interviewing (CAWI) is conducted through the Internet,by visiting the site/link where the respondent fills up the survey. CAWI questionnaires can include multimedia content (images, videos, melodies), which is one of the essential advantages compared to other research techniques.



Central Location Interviewing (CLT) is most commonly used to test a new/altered product, in situations where it is necessary for the respondent to come into direct contact with the subject of assessment. CLT combines traditional and innovative research techniques.


Qualitative research is usually initiated when it is necessary to collect in depth information about a occurrence and explain the causes, associations, behaviors and attitudes.Qualitative research is often the first stage in exploring new concepts or occurrences that we currently have little or no information about.

The results of qualitative research are not figures, but verbal interpretations of the findings.

The main strength of qualitative research is the ability to deeply examine the problem or concept, and provide a credible explanation of the causes underlying the behavior.

The main techniques of qualitative research are:



Focus groups represent a qualitative research technique,where groups are consisted mostly of 6 to 10 respondents, who possess certain common characteristics(demographic characteristics, preferences, attitudes, etc.)and participate in a discussion, whose course is predetermined by the group moderator.




The in depth interviewtechnique is the best method for indepthexamination of personal attitudes, beliefs and values.This technique uses less structured questions, which are predefined and serve more as a guide to the conversation course.



Software usability testing is a method which is used to perceive the perception of particular software by end user.This type of research is based onpredefined criteria and performances that need to be tested.




Ethnography is a type of qualitative research which includesobservation and in depth interviewing.The goal of ethnography is to describe a communityin its original form, under condition that there is no disturbance ofits everyday life by the researchers.




Observation as a research method can be both quantitative and qualitative.This technique implies observation ofsome occurrance in a predefined wayin order to secure uniformity in data collection.


Mystery Shopping


A good service can be a decisive factor for business success. Through Mystery Shopping, see what is happening in your sales facilities from the customer perspectives and find out what you can do to bring the service to the highest standards.



Audit standards


Standardized and uniform quality of serviceis one of the criteria of professionalism of a company.Make sure that standards prescribed by the company are followed in your sales facilities.

Price Monitoring


Keep up to date with competitors’ prices from your industryto optimize your own sales and profit.Directly from the marketplace, ourmystery shoppers report on retail prices and discounts for products of interest category.